Wanda R.I.P.


As many of you are aware our clinic cat Wanda passed away August 17,2016…
Wanda first arrived at the clinic in 2002. I came in one morning and there she was in a cage outside the door. We tracked her to a household in Duncan, B.C. but the owner was less than cooperative. Her name came from my wife who named her wandering “Wanda.” So our search started to find a home for her. In the meantime, she made herself at home and pranced around like she owned the place. After several attempts to find her a home it was decided that Wanda was going to be a “clinic cat.” It just seemed like that the clinic was the best place for her. She just did not do well in a household environment. I guess she liked the action of the clinic and visiting with clients daily.
Her first home away from home was across the way at Brookswood Rentals where she spent her days sleeping in the office. When the wine shop opened next door this became her second home. Of course when that got old it was back to Brookswood rentals. In her later years she loved her perch on our reception desk so she could see all the comings and goings of the clinic. She was being treated for many years for a slow growing form of lung cancer. She required daily medication, periodic blood panels and xray’s to monitor her condition. Maybe this is another reason why she became a “clinic cat.”
She witnessed the growing of the practice as well as 3 break-ins, different staff members, and many animals by her side in the night that maybe just maybe she provided some comfort to them when they were ill.
Wanda was certainly a one of a kind cat that was destined to be a “clinic cat”…..she did her job well.

Rest in Peace Wanda

Dr. Colin Dolphin

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